ulltium consulting® is a full-service technology consulting, cyber-security and managed services firm. With unique knowledge in healthcare, construction, legal and manufacturing industries. Founded by Humberto Comellas, I/T veteran of over 4 decades on the basis that fast-paced business challenges require forward thinking technology strategies that create a competitive advantage.

Allow our team of I/T professionals and consultants to define a technology solution plan that meets your business needs. Leveraging our strategic alliance with Kaseya and their comprehensive best of breed products, allows our team to proactively manage, monitor and secure you businesses technology.

Healthcare professionals have unique requirements in safeguarding their patient data such as HIPPA. Our team of professionals can work with your practice ensuring that it meets all the security guidelines for medical records and compliance.

With decades of experience in multiple industries, our I/T professionals and consultants can define a solution that focuses on security, continuity and efficiency. Leverage our SOS – Structured Ongoing Support platform allowing business owners to focus on their core business and not the ever changing I/T landscape.

Keep Your Business and Your Clients' Information Safe

With a growing dependence on technology, it is imperative to ensure the privacy of the data you collect and store. Don't be a victim of data breach.

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We offer expert assistance with HIPAA compliance and privacy regulations

In addition, we can assess your current medical system for efficiency, setup workflows for electronic medical records, configure system hardware and software, and establish a solid strategic solution for managing your business’ infrastructure.

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