We recently became partners with Box, and we just can’t stop singing their praises!  So we wanted to get you updated on all the great things you’ll be able to accomplish from collaborating with Box and Office 365.

1.) You’re guaranteed enterprise-level security, while allowing for granular levels of control inside and outside of your company with a whopping seven levels of permissioning!

2.) That granular control we just mentioned?  With files shared via Box, you can set expiration dates, require strong passwords, and restrict sharing by domain.  You can even disable the ability to print, download, and copy and paste!

3.) Box allows you to work securely from any device, local or remote, creating, opening and editing documents in real time, making for seamless collaboration.

4.) You’ll be able to automate common tasks with Box, allowing you to streamline workflows, shorten cycle times, reduce errors and boost communication.

5.) Box’s admin console gives you a view of all the content across your organization, allowing you to oversee collaboration without slowing it down.  An end-to-end audit trail tracks all content activity.

6.) Because it is deeply integrated across Microsoft Office, you can easily open and edit any Office file that’s on Box and, combined with Microsoft Intune, you’ll be able to oversee and secure your files on mobile devices.

7.) Extend your content-management capabilities beyond Office- Box has a robust partner ecosystem of more than 1,400 integrated cloud applications, including Salesforce and Workday.

8.) Make the program your own by building custom applications using Box APIs and SDKs!