Think your business can survive without embracing the digital transformation?

Think again: By 2025, there will be over 4.7 billion people online, 1.7 billion more than its current 3 billion users. Most data will be stored in the cloud, or will at least pass through the cloud at some point. Worldwide, 4 billion people will use their mobile devices to browse the web.  Businesses big and small depend on technology whether they realize it or not, from email to social media, from computers to telecommunication devices.  Embracing the digital transformation is crucial to serving your audience in real time, and ensuring your business’s ongoing success.

Threats to your business growth

But there are those for whom your success makes you a target.  We’re talking cybercriminals: individuals who know that smaller businesses often times have less than strict security protocols in place, and whose occasionally outdated technology makes them vulnerable to attack.  Your customer’s data, whether you operate as B2B or B2C, represents a goldmine to cybercriminals.  In fact, if you focus on B2B sales, your customer data provides cybercriminals with an even greater network to exploit potential vulnerabilities for profit.


Business security

The Department of Justice rightly considers cybercrime one of the greatest threats facing our country today.  2016 saw huge data breaches from LinkedIn, DropBox and Yahoo in what was one of the worst years for cybercrime.  It’s expected that global annual cybercrime costs will grow from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion annually by 2021.

A simple solution

That said, there’s no need to fear.  Combatting the threat of cybercrime doesn’t require exorbitant spending or a total rebuilding of your business infrastructure.  The real solution is much more simple: use only valid software for which you’ve purchased a license; ensure remote access to sensitive data is done securely; take advantage of the ability to lock, reset or totally wipe mobile devices in case of theft; and, most importantly, take the time to properly train your employees and educate them on your technology policies.

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