You have a lot of choices when it comes to your business phone systems, the most important of which is whether you want to utilize an on-premise or cloud-based solution.  Here are some reasons to consider a cloud-based option.

1.) Lower upfront costs

One of the biggest draws of this approach to business phone systems, particularly to smaller businesses, is their low upfront cost.  Purchasing and installing a server on premise, as is necessary with on-site solutions, is much more of a financial burden, making cloud-based phone systems particularly alluring to smaller businesses.

2.) Scale as needed

Cloud-based solutions allow your business to scale as necessary: as you grow, you can easily add more phone lines or data storage capabilities, and you can reduce usage to save money during less busy periods.  Compare this to on-premise solutions which, in order to prepare for growth, require you to purchase more than necessary.  This means that until that growth occurs, you’ll be overpaying for unnecessary services.

3.) Better disaster recovery

When disaster strikes, it’s a lot easier to continue operations if your business phone system is off-site.  An on-site system, on the other hand, will have also sustained damage, making things even worse as your communication channels are now inoperative.

4.) Location independence

Cloud-based phone systems enable calls to be redirected to any landline, international or mobile number, meaning if your business relocates you can continue using the same number to avoid any confusion among your clients.  Cloud-hosted phone systems are also a great way to provide robust telecommunications tools to your remote staff.