Most companies have decided they need the business agility and want the cost savings that come when moving to the cloud. But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information floating around on the Internet, not many really understand exactly what that means or what it entails. Companies considering migrating face inconsistencies, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction.  When considering moving to the cloud to power your organization, you need to know the facts. Your business depends on it. Ready to learn which business cloud myths you may have thought were true—but aren’t? Read on.

Myth 7: Email isn’t any simpler in the Cloud.


By moving your business email to the cloud, you can rest easy knowing that we’re taking care of the tricky maintenance, while your team keeps control of your company’s capabilities and of how your employees use features. You can spend more time on the core operations that build business value rather than keeping up with persistent hardware maintenance.