It should come as no surprise that here at ulltium consulting® we sing the praises of technology and what it can do for your business fairly often.  But with how fast the industry changes, with how rapidly a new game changer is ushered in, and with how quickly an older, reliable solution becomes outdated, we think it’s important to remind you of some of the benefits a robust tech solution will have on your business.

Technology that cuts the clutter

Nobody likes paperwork.  It’s repetitive, time-consuming, and more often than not something is guaranteed to get lost in the shuffle.  For years, that was just the price of running a successful business.  If yours is a business that relies on manual processes and paper documents, you can bet technology will help speed things up.

Cloud computing is one such solution. Workflow management software enables digital file sharing, any-time access from any device, and easy collaboration without the burden of dealing with physical documents. This saves time and energy, and leaves much less room for error.  Not to mention the costs you’ll save not having to buy as much paper!

Technology that keeps your team on the same page

The cloud is a great way to streamline communication among your team.  You’ll also need to pick the right email provider.  We generally recommend Outlook; their business-friendly features include:

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Shared calendars
  • Online storage
  • Video conferencing software

Wait, video conferencing?  Like Skype?  Yep!  This sort of software is great at streamlining your communications.  Why waste time on travel when you can host a virtual conference instead, for a fraction of a fraction of the price?

Technology that makes life easier

Automation has been all the rage lately, and marketing in particular is one aspect of your business where automation will prove to be a great time and energy saver.  Putting aside the time each day to maintain a social media presence simply isn’t viable, which is why tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are great for the small business owner with a lot of responsibilities and not a lot of time.  Manage all of your accounts from one central location, and automate your posting schedule.  This will free you to focus on other areas of your business, or delve deeper into leveraging a successful social media presence without needing to worry about things like surface-level posting.

Email marketing is another area improved upon by automation.  With the right software, you can set up emails to go out automatically in response to certain triggers – when a customer places an order, for example, or when they click on an article focused on a particular subject which they may benefit from learning more about.


If you’re ready to streamline your business; if you know your solutions are outdated and leading to a less than successful business; or if you’d just like to learn about some of the solutions we’ve mentioned, give us a call!