Windows upcoming Anniversary Update is right around the corner, and it includes one particularly exciting, advanced security feature meant to help IT managers lock down the devices within their organization.

Windows Information Protection will make it possible for organizations to compartmentalize business and personal data on the same device. Companies can encrypt their data on employee devices using keys that are controlled by the IT department; in so doing, a business will have the ability to selectively wipe only company data from a personal device when an employee leaves the company. Companies can also set policies about which applications can be used to handle business data, so users can’t live-tweet the content of a company’s HR system, for example. The system is designed to bring Windows 10 in line with the reality that many employees are opting for a BYOD approach, and are using their mobile devices for both personal and business use. The feature is part of Microsoft’s push to position Windows 10 as an operating system for security-conscious companies at a time when attacks against businesses are becoming more and more prevalent.

For businesses to use Windows Information Protection, they’ll need a Windows 10 Enterprise E3 subscription, which costs $7 per user per month.