Hurricane Season 2016 Technology Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane Checklist

Date: 6/1/2016

Posted by: H. Comellas

To our valued clients and friends;

The following outlines certain precautions and activities, which should be considered in order to safeguard or minimize business disruption, in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm threat.

We at ulltium consulting®, Inc.℠ can help you by taking proactive steps and recommending or implementing solutions specific to your business needs.

As a general outline the following considerations should be taken: Conduct a preparation survey to assess your current situation. This at a minimum should be done early. Review your building emergency/evacuation plan. Determine the likelihood of damage from flooding, wind and rain. Take appropriate action to secure doors and windows. Consider power or lack thereof.

If practical, establish a safe room to place all critical equipment. The room should have tables to store all gear off the floor. Garbage bags and tape to enclose all equipment and its best if there are no windows. ulltium consulting®, Inc. professionals can assist with this process.

72 hours before:

Verify your data backup systems operation. Create a rotation of backups and store off site. Verify you have disaster recovery media (certain systems allow for the creation of this). Verify your Property Loss and Loss of Business Revenue Insurance. Verify your computer systems inventory (Make, Model, Memory, Operating System, Network Devices, Printers and Serial Numbers). Use a video recorder to document your current environment. Store this file off site or to an Internet based e-mail system (Office 365, Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail). Organize all software licenses and store off site in a safe area. All installation Key codes will also be required.

These are general recommendations and do not necessarily apply to all situations or clients needs.

48 hours before:

Perform a complete system backup in addition to your backup routine. These drives should be taken to a safe off site location. Perform local backups for files stored on client local machines.

24 hours before:

In addition to points above verify all backups on drives. After properly shutting down all critical systems, unplug and store in the safe room (if possible). Wrap all systems in plastic and tape closed. Raise all systems off the floor to protect from standing water. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) advise them to “Bag” all inbound e-mail. Consider course of action with your main business phone line. You may wish to forward to specific location. Update general office voicemail advising employees and clients of activities. Provide a calling escalation list to all employees.


The following general recommendations are provided by FEMA for business preparedness.

Ask your local emergency management office about community evacuation plans. Establish facility shutdown procedures. Establish warning and evacuation procedures. Make plans for assisting employees who may need transportation. Make plans for communicating with employees’ families before and after a hurricane. Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio with a warning alarm tone and battery backup. Listen for hurricane watches and warnings. Hurricane Watch – A hurricane is possible within 24 to 36 hours. Stay tuned for additional information. An evacuation may be necessary. Hurricane Warning – A hurricane will hit land within 24 hours. Take precautions at once. If advised, evacuate immediately. Survey your facility. Make plans to protect outside equipment and structures. Make plans to protect windows. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection. Covering windows with 5/8’ marine plywood is a second option.

Consider the need for backup systems: Portable pumps to remove flood water; Alternate power sources such as generators or gasoline-powered pumps; Battery-powered emergency lighting; Prepare to move records, computers and other items within your facility or to another location.

Unless your office can be powered by a regulated generator power source, consider powering down your servers to avoid potential data loss or damage. This can be done remotely, so do not hesitate to contact us at
Likewise, as a precautionary measure, be sure to properly shut down all desktop or laptop computers before leaving your office regardless of the storm level.  While any physical damage to hardware is negligible, a power surge poses a much larger threat.

These are general recommendations and do not necessarily apply to all situations or clients needs.


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