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The enormous stimulus has been packaged and is pending approval. We should expect to see significant investments in infrastructure. Internet, fiber optics, broadband and IPT, the so called “digital highways” will play a vital part in the economic stimulus, in fact we will see the appointment of a newly created cabinet position, the nation’s first CTO.

Less than 15% of the nation’s healthcare providers are currently using EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solutions. By 2011 the industry is facing the need to convert all patient prescriptions to digital format. Following a standard process will reduce incidents of wrongful deaths resulting from improper dosage or fulfillment. Most physicians know about this change; but many are taking a waiting. Our job is to educate them on the process and help them understand and define the value curb.

The next few years will bring opportunity and change in IT, particularly in healthcare and infrastructure. The Obama administration will look to improve the nation’s healthcare system and reduce cases currently in litigation stemming from malpractice. I foresee a renewed optimism in the industry and a willingness to invest in long-term projects that will lay the groundwork for future generations. With baby boomers entering retirement age, many are looking to work well beyond the normal age of retirement. We can expect to see a digital evolution much like what we saw in the 90’s; the 1890’s with the industrial revolution and again in the 1990’s with the technical revolution.